Clear priorities will make your decision making easier.

As a working parent, you often have conflicting responsibilities. 

Your employer expects you to be available and productive during certain hours of the day and week, but sometimes, your children need your attention during that time:

  • They could fall sick and not be allowed to go to school or daycare.
  • You need to take them to school and fetch them again.
  • You need to take them to after school activities.
  • You want to support them in person for events such as a sports match.
  • They have appointments you need to take them to, such as a dentist or immunisation appointment. 

Honestly, The List Never Ends

So you need to know what your priorities are to manage the daily decisions of how you spend your time.

  • Is providing an income to your household more important than attending a sports event? 
  • Is your sick child more important than that meeting you have to attend? 

At first glance, these may seem like obvious choices, but life is never that black and white. 

Your child could feel neglected if you never attend an event that’s important to him. Or missing that meeting at work could mean you won’t be considered for a promotion (and a corresponding pay increase).

Your Priorities Will Help Manage Your Guilt

When you are clear on your priorities, decision making is a lot easier, and you won’t be crippled by guilt. 

When you are at work, you know why it’s more important than being someplace else. 

And when you are with your children, you know why it’s crucial to be with them and not at work.

The guilt will likely never go away entirely, but at least you will be able to focus on the task at hand.


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