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I’ve had to act as a “stay-at-home-mom” (SAHM) a couple of times due to the pandemic. We needed to isolate ourselves and thus couldn’t have a helper.

And let me tell you, if you think a SAHM is lazy, you probably have never had to do it yourself.

Generally, when a mom stays at home, she runs the entire household. She:

  • Cleans the house (dust, wipes, sweeps, mops, tidies)
  • Washes, dries, irons, folds and pack away the laundry
  • Runs errands
  • Stocks the pantry
  • Cooks breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Prepares snacks for the kids
  • Helps with homework
  • …and likely a whole lot more that I am missing

All while taking care of one or many kids that need:

  • Attention
  • Stimulation
  • Care
  • Food
  • Comfort
  • …and more!

It’s insane.

I sometimes feel that I am a “lazy” mom for working a 9–5. And getting someone else to clean and look after my son during that time.

The truth is, all moms are superheroes.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a SAHM or whether you work a 9–5.

It’s all about what works for you, and what makes you the better mommy.

No moms are lazy or inferior.

I promise you that.

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