All moms work. Whether you’re being paid for it or not.

Being a mom is tough. You are constantly on duty. Even when you are “taking a break”, you are on call.

The moment someone doesn’t know how to tie a shoelace…they call you.

When there’s an emergency…they call you.

I have a “9 to 5” that I get paid for.

I do feel that makes me a better mom than I would be otherwise.

My son is at an age where he requires constant attention. And while I love my son with all my heart, I’m not cut out to watch a toddler 24/7.

I need different kinds of activities. But mostly, I need time to myself as well.

My job and hobbies make me happy. And happy mom = happy kid.

That also means the time I do spend with him is quality time. He has my full attention. I can enjoy the moment. And I won’t end up resenting him.

Our whole household fell ill with COVID-19 not too long ago. I was the first to fall ill, then my son and then my husband.

So I had about 4 or 5 days to recover before I had to take sole care of my son. I couldn’t work and we couldn’t get the nanny to come help. And my husband was really sick.

So for 2 weeks or so it was me and my son. Day in and day out. Don’t get me wrong — I didn’t hate the time I spent with him. I also didn’t resent him for it.

But my patience was starting to wear a little thin.

Luckily it wasn’t too long before my husband felt better and the nanny could come back. The moment I had a bit of a break, I could feel all the love feels again.

I wasn’t just an exhausted mess trying to survive the day.

As I said, I’m not cut out to look after a toddler all the time.

The same might not be true of other moms. And that’s ok.

We don’t need to compare ourselves to each other. We’re all superheroes.

Some mommies run their own business, from home or otherwise. Running your own business while being a mom is hard.

Other moms stay at home to look after the kids and run a household. Running a household while being a mom is hard.

And yet other moms work the traditional “9 to 5”. Working fixed hours while being a mom is hard.

It’s all hard. Maybe for different reasons, but it’s hard.

The important part is that the mom in question is doing what fulfils her. What suits her personality.

THAT will make her a better mom than she would have been otherwise.

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